Water Heaters - Repairs & Installs

Water Heater Sizes and Types
Water Heater sizes range from small enough to fit under a kitchen sink to large commercial water heater tanks.

Most homes (standard 2 bath home with an average person count of 3-5 people) use 40 or 50 gallon sized water heaters. If you have a large home or more than two bathrooms than you may have a 75 gallon water or you may have two or more water heaters in your home.

Sidenote: If your family has more females than males we suggest going with a 50 gallon water heater over the 40 gallon water heater to insure there is enough hot water to go around. 🙂

Homes are equipped with either gas or electric water heaters. Gas water heaters are little more expensive then electric water heaters due to the gas components. However, gas water heaters save more money in the long run vs electric water heaters. Gas water heaters should only be used in mild to warm climates for optimal operation.

Another type of water heater is a tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters heat water rapidly and take up much less space. They run on electricity so if you have a power outage you will not have hot water unless you have a standard water heater tank as a back up. Tankless water heaters are much more expensive to install. They require an extensive schematic of wires and lines and you need to make sure your electrical panel can support the added tank wattage.

The average Phoenix area home uses a 40 Gallon or 50 Gallon water heater.
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