Toto Toilets

If ever we were a fan of anything plumbing… it would be the Toto Toilet.
As a company we really like this toilet and personally this toilet rocks!
Sounds a bit funny to be excited about a toilet but when you have kids there just isn’t anything better than a toilet that is as reliable as the Toto.
(No we don’t get anything special from Toto for this. I don’t think they know we exist.)

Major Upside of the Toto Toilet

    1. It’s REALLY REALLY hard to clog this toilet. You would have to go out of your way to clog it – seriously.
    2. The soft close seat is awesome. No more slamming the lid and dropping the lid with a loud clang.
    3. Just seems like our butts are more comfortable on a Toto… Maybe it’s the shape of the bowl?
    4. The Toto Toilet is EPA Certified with Water Sense.

Major Downside of the Toto Toilet

  1. Cost. The Toto is considered a high end toilet. The toilet and the parts are all more expensive than your standard toilet.
  2. Availability. You can’t go to your local hardware store and pick up a Toto. You need to order it (and all the parts) online and have it shipped to your home or hardware store OR get in touch with your local Plumber. Your local Plumber will have access to Vendor Supply Houses that can provide a Toto the same day.
  3. The Toto seat is sold SEPARATELY.
  4. The inside parts of the toilet are unique to Toto. When it is time to change the flush valve or any of the innards of the tank you SHOULD buy Toto parts, not standard toilet parts.

Toto Toilet Costs and Savings

Toto Toilet + Seat
Home Depot Toto (w/Water Sense) Retail Price $262.00
Home Depot Elongated Soft Close Seat Retail Price $39.90

Toto Toilet Parts
Home Depot Toilet Shut Off Valves Retail Price $9.42
Home Depot Braided Stainless Steel Supply Line Retail Price $4.99
Home Depot Extra Thick Wax Ring Retail Price $3.49

BEFORE Tax Total $319.80
Estimated Grand Total (purchasing your own Toto toilet) plus paying for installation: $425-$500

Don’t forget about a week to ship and deliver and you still need to pay to have it installed. (Based on 2016 Retail Prices)

As you can see from the retail breakdown it may be more cost effective to have a plumber purchase a Toto and install it than to purchase at retail yourself. Talk to your plumber.