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Septic Tank Inspections

If you are selling or buying a property with a Septic Tank you will need to have it inspected and certified by a NAWT/ADEQ Inspector.

Typically, Septic Inspections are done when a property is in a state of transfer (from seller to buyer). However, Septic Inspections are also done when you suspect something is wrong with your Septic System or you are modifying structures on the property.

Septic Pump and Certification Process

Pump outs and Certifications of Septic Tanks must adhere to ADEQ guidelines. All pump and certs start with locating the tank. A good part of the time property owners have no idea where the tank is.

Note: As a homeowner or property owner, it is very IMPORTANT that you know where your tank is.

Once the tank is located, the septic tank is exposed either by digging or excavating. Generally tanks should be about 3 feet from topsoil.

As part of a pump out for inspecting or certifying a septic tank, all liquids are removed and then solids are removed. Solids are removed by de-sludging the tank.

There are few exceptions for not pumping a tank and those exceptions can be found on the ADEQ website.

A septic tank should always be accessible. If a Septic Inspector recommends risers for accessibility of the septic tank, take there advice and have them installed.

*All new septic installs are required by the Maricopa County Environmental Department to have risers.

Septic System Certification Process

After you call for a Septic Certification for a property in transfer we send a Certified Inspector for a site visit (NO CHARGE!) You do not need to be home for the site visit as long as the front and back of the property is accessible.

The average Septic Inspection cost (including the necessary transfer documents for Escrow) is between $750 – $1050.

The NAWT Certified Inspector will firm up the exact cost after doing a site visit.

The Septic Inspection includes locating septic, exposing septic, cleaning our the tank and inspection inside the tank, baffles, drain fields and anything else associated with the septic tank. This process usually takes 1 day. If any repairs need to be made in order to pass the Septic Inspection 1-3 days will be added on to the process.

Be sure to schedule your Septic Inspection not less than 1 week before closing. A Septic Inspection CAN hold up close of Escrow if scheduled too near to close date (especially if a repair is needed). TRUST US!

Septic HUB

Head to our Septic HUB to check on your docs if you have already scheduled your Septic Certification.

Cesspools & Dry Wells

Septic Tank Certifications

In Arizona, properties in a real estate transfer that have a conventional septic tank or alternative (on-site) septic system must have the system inspected by an ADEQ certified and qualified Inspector.

  1. The septic system must be inspected not more than 6 months before date of real estate transfer.
  2. The seller or buyer can retain the Septic Inspection but the SELLER is responsible for supplying the ADEQ Notice of Transfer for the real estate transfer.
  3. The Septic Inspector provides the ADEQ Report of Inspection Form and ADEQ Notice of Transfer to the Seller, Realtor and/or title company for filing with the state.