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Lift Stations

Residential Lift Stations

Lift Stations, also called Wastewater Lift Stations and Sewage Pump Stations pump wastewater (sewage) from low grade to high grade. These terms are mostly aligned with commercial use.

Most residential homes with bathrooms or other type of plumbing below ground will have a Sewage Ejection System. These lift stations (sewage ejections systems) use pumps and electricity to move sewage waste and wastewater from a low elevation to a high elevation. Any home with a basement or multilevel homes on mountain sides will need these to operate and dispose of waste properly.

Many people use the terms Sewage Pump Station and Lift Station to describe their home system. Common sewage ejection systems are the E/One Grinder Pump, Gould, Zoeller, Liberty and Myers Pentair.

We recommend yearly maintenance on ejection systems. This includes adjusting the floats and ensuring proper operation.

Commercial (Restaurant) Lift Stations

Grease is the number one causing problem for failing restaurant lift stations. The best thing you can do to keep the restaurant lift station running smoothly is to keep grease out of the sewer lines!

Teach kitchen personnel to never pour grease down the drains. Grease doesn’t disappear once it goes down the drain – it accumulates! Teach employees the importance of grease traps and make sure you pump the grease trap regularly.

Call Macho for Restaurant Lift Station maintenance and repairs.

The Sewage Ejection System (Grinder Pump) should be inspected/checked yearly, at a bare minimum. Ideally you should have your Lift Station/Sewage Ejection System/Grinder Pump maintained bi-annually due to the corrosive nature of the waste and other elements. Grease can cause big problems to an unmaintained system.

Grinder pumps have several major components, around 6 major components (depending on the manufacturer). The system will be checked inside and out for debris and the general life expectancy of the pump. Additionally, the housing, sensors, floats, controls and back up generators will all be checked.

Sump Pumps are not Sewage Ejection Systems. Sump pumps are used for clean water and not wastewater. Sump pumps should be used for water floods and NEVER wastewater.