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Alternative (Aerobic) Treatment Unit

What Is An Alternative System?
An alternative system is any type of septic system other than a conventional septic tank using gravity to convey effluent for disposal into trenches, beds, chambers, or pits (“What Is An Alternative System.” Wastewater Resources. Maricopa Environmental Service, n.d. Web.). An Alternative Septic Systems must be designed and approved by a Professional Engineer (P.E.), registered to work in the state of Arizona and be in the on-site wastewater field.


What Kind Of Alternative Septic Tanks Can You Use In Maricopa County?
Check the 
Maricopa Environmental Services Department for approved Alternative Systems.


Is The Maintenance Of An Alternative Septic Tank Different Than A Conventional Septic Tank?
The pumping maintenance is the same – every 3-5 years depending on usage, number of people in the home and number of fixtures in use.

However, the components and mechanics of an Alternative (Aerobic) Septic System need to be maintained EVERY YEAR. You will need to set up a yearly maintenance program with an Inspector to insure all components and mechanics function properly.


Where Are Alternative Septic Tanks Typically Installed?
Alternative Septic Tanks are found in mountainous or rough terrain in Arizona. Typical areas of the Valley where you will need or find Alternative Septic Tanks are on or around Camelback Mountain, Cave Creek, Carefree or on/around other local Mountains.


Macho Contracting has NAWT and ADEQ Certified Inspectors to repair and maintain Alternative (Aerobic) Septic Systems in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Carefree, Scottsdale, Rio Verde and New River.