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Septic Services

Annual inspections of your septic system are recommended to ensure that it is working properly and to determine when the septic tank should be pumped. Upkeep of your septic tank helps you to avoid unnecessary and expensive repair and replacement costs, in addition to extending the life of the septic system. Record service visits to help keep track of the upkeep of the septic tank.

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Septic Inspection Services

Real Estate Transfers (ADEQ Inspections)
When your home goes into Escrow, Maricopa County requires properties with Septic Systems be inspected by an ADEQ and NAWT Certified Septic Inspector. Escrow cannot close until the County documents are submitted by your Septic Inspector.

Once you know where your system is, sketch a map to save time on future service visits. If you have a professional locate your system have them provide a sketch of your septic location.

Measuring Scum and Sludge
As a general rule, if the scum layer is within three inches of the bottom of the inlet, the tank should be pumped. If the sludge depth is equal to one third or more of the liquid depth, the tank should be pumped.

Manholes and Risers
Uncovering the manhole and inspection ports.

Checking Septic Tank and Drain Field or Leach Field
A professional/contractor will check the condition of the baffles or tees, the walls of the tank for cracks and the drain field for any signs of failure.

Flush Toilets
This is done to determine if the plumbing going to the system is working correctly. Many professionals may run outside water spigots/spickets instead of flushing toilets which is sufficient for a plumbing system check.

Removing Solids From Tank
Depending on the size of a septic tank, most tanks need to be pumped every three to five years. Household size plays a role in how often a septic tank needs to be pumped as well.

Need a septic repair?

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