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Sewer Lines – Repairs, Installs & Taps

Problems With Sewer Lines

Sewer lines are made to allow liquid and waste to pass through to the City sewer line or your septic tank. Sewer lines can become clogged due to many reasons. Some things that can clog your sewer that you have direct control over are: flushing wipes down the toilet, eliminating grease down the kitchen drain or anything large like a rag will will eventually clog your sewer line.

There are also several things that can affect your sewer line that are not in your control. Roots can invade your sewer line, the dirt underneath the sewer line can loosen or cave and cause a sag in your sewer line and older sewer lines can deteriorate. If you have an older house (40+ years old) in the Phoenix area then you can expect the sewer lines to be made of cast iron, clay and orangeburg. All three of these pipe lines deteriorate and breakdown. Replacement is the best option.

Sewer Line Repairs and Sewer Line Replacement

Sometimes a sewer line can be spot repaired. In this case a section of the sewer line is repaired or replaced.

Other times the only option is to replace the sewer line. Many homes in the Valley were built with Orangeburg sewer pipe lines. These pipes are made of fibrous material that does not maintain integrity.

The City of Tempe has a great page on their website documenting Orangeburg Pipe. You will also find a map of Tempe highlighting areas where homes potentially have these pipe. Other cities have not publicly documented areas of homes with Orangeburg. HOWEVER, the biggest sign you probably have Orangeburg is if your home was built in the 1970’s or later/older.

Video & Camera Sewer Lines

Need to have a sewer line inspected? A video inspection is done to see the condition of the sewer line. A video inspection will reveal blockages, breaks, root invastion, sags or other various intrusions and deterioration.

Sewer Taps

A sewer tap is when a property sewer line is connected to City or Municipal Sewer. If you have built a new home or have abandoned an onsite wastewater system (Septic Tank) then you will be conducting a Sewer Tap.

Each city administers permits/fees for this service and the city will conduct a test to ensure the sewer tap was completed properly by a licensed plumber.

As a sample of Permit and Fee costs, below is the City of Phoenix Sewer Tap costs. This is on top of the service cost from a licensed plumber. Don’t forget about developmental fees from your city as well.

City of Phoenix Sewer Tap Fees
City of Scottsdale Sewer Tap Permitting

Sewer Clean Outs

Sewer line back ups can be improved by installing clean outs. If you have an older sewer line that is having problems and you need to buy some time then installing sewer clean outs can help. It’s also cost effective in the long run. For homes that have roof vents, we highly recommend installing clean outs. More plumbing companies are not willing to come out to clean roof vents.