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Plumbing Emergencies

If you are experiencing a real plumbing, water damage or waste emergency call us immediately (no matter the time) at 602.857.9857.

If you are a current client please call your Macho Plumber on their work line.

Please leave a message if the voicemail picks up. Most emergencies occur after hours which means we are more than likely sleeping just like you were.

We will ALWAYS call you back and most importantly we will call you back immediately in an emergency!

  1. A water leak that you cannot stop and that is causing significant damage or will cause significant damage.
  2. You cannot shut off any shut off valves to stop any water damaging leaks.
  3. You have sewage or waste entering an area of your home/property that it should not.

Example 1: Water heater leaked water all over your floor.
Example 2: Your toilet overflowed while you were away from your house and you come home to find water everywhere.
Example 3: Your septic tank collapsed.

  • If you have 2 or more toilets and 1 toilet is clogged (not overflowing) – this is NOT a plumbing emergency.
  • If you have 2 or more showers and 1 shower is not working properly but the shower can be shut off – this is NOT a plumbing emergency.
  • If you have a slow leak that you can remedy with a small bowl or bucket to collect the water temporarily – this is NOT a plumbing emergency.


It is very easy to become panicked. If your home rudely awakens you with a plumbing or water damage emergency becoming panicked is the last thing that will help.

First, take a BREATH and ASSESS the situation logically.

Second, locate the water leak by room, then by fixture or area (under a cabinet, behind a wall, etc).

Third, once you know where the leak is, you can turn the shut off valve off for that fixture.

IF you cannot locate the water leak OR you find you are quickly becoming overwhelmed, turn the whole water supply off to the house (this is located outside your home) or go straight to calling us and continue to stay calm.

While you wait for your Plumber to arrive collect towels and sheets to create a barrier so water doesn’t continue to move through your house.