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Leak Detection and Slab Leaks

Think you have a leak?
Where!? That’s the second most common exclamation. The first most common exclamation – I SEE WATER BUT CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHERE IT’S COMING FROM!


Where can water be leaking from?
• Inside, behind or between walls
• Under concrete slabs and asphalt (like your foundation)
• Basements, drains (toilets and under sinks), wastewater (sewer and septic)
• Outside, Landscaping, fountains, irrigation and pool

How do you figure out if you have a leak?
One helpful way of figuring out if you have a hidden leak is to make sure you have ALL you water shut off (at the valves). Locate your meter. If you are sure that your water is off record the reading on the meter. Wait at least 30 Minutes and record the meter reading again. If the meter reading has change from the first recorded reading, you may have a leak.

Another way is simply seeing water where it shouldn’t be or seeing the evidence of water in places it shouldn’t be. An example of this is seeing water seeping out from under floor tiles or through grout, wet floorboards, soggy carpet, water dripping from the ceiling, even seeing the build up of scales on grout and tile (similar to what you may see in a shower).

How will I know the extent of damage that has been caused?
The longer the water is allowed to continue the worse the damage. If you catch the leak right away, usually the damage is little to none. If it has been a while then the damage can be severe enough that simply repairing the leak will not be enough. The surrounding area may also need to be repaired or replaced.


Slab leaks occur in the pipes under your property’s concrete foundation.

The concrete does not stop the leak.

Water will either travel up through the concrete and cracks or create a minor sinkhole.

Slab leaks occur in the pipes under your property’s concrete foundation.

Slab leaks are repairable.

Slab leaks can be an expensive repair.

Do you need Leak Detection?
If you suspect that you do indeed have a leak, then YES. Get a leak detection scheduled.

Slab Leaks

Slab leaks are one of the few plumbing problems that really affect your day and pocket book.

I mean a clogged drain, stopped up toilet or a small leak is not the end of the world. When push comes to shove most people delay dealing with it because they can.

Unlike these “small” annoying plumbing problems other larger plumbing issues like Sewer Line Repairs, Main Water Line Repairs, Water Heaters and Slab Leaks will have an immediate and direct effect on your daily activity and certainly a bigger impact on your budget.

Slab Leak Fix

First, you will need to have the water line leak located. A slab leak locator, water line locator or water leak locator will locate a more precise area where the leak is. General Expected Cost: $200 – $300

Next, the water line will need to be repaired. The water line will need to be exposed to determine the water line damage. The floor of your home will be utterly destroyed. (We are kidding!) In all seriousness it may seem that your floor will never be the same but we promise everything will go back to normal. Your floor will be jack-hammered up and the water line exposed. You will have a sizable hole in your house. Sorry!

The water line will be evaluated to determine if the damage is isolated to that specific area or if further deterioration has occurred. General Expected Cost $750 – $3000

IF the water line leak is determined to be isolated leak, the pipe will be repaired or re-routed, back-filled, new cement poured and then your floors will be installed.
IF the water line leak is determined to be more widespread and further deterioration has occurred, a repipe will need to be considered.


A water line or sewer line reroute is simply re-routing the existing water line or sewer line.

Since Phoenix plumbing is plumbed under the slab foundation of your home, new plumbing cannot be done the same way unless you want to level your house and start over. A repipe is simply RE-piping your plumbing in the walls, ceilings and/or attic of your home. General Expected Cost $2000 – $12000